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ytcracker – the day the world revived

the day the world revived (MP3)
once upon a time
there lived a rapper named ytcracker
who time traveled to his childhood
to dig up some beats from the nintendo
now, he returns to the days of future passed
shining light on some beats that need another fair shake
so pay attention – they just might be your future

Monday Mission

Monday Mission

i travel through time on a set of wings
spaceship named epoch after time
big beats dig beats from 2k5
from compromised on my hard drive
get a new home to em breath new life
like i brought life to the 8 bit canon
time to cron the crono songs
back in the matrix out of stasis

tell a story – allegory
symbols to a bass drum and a cymbal
oh so simple the cycle cycles
words of the spam disciple
where did i come from? question asked
im on a quest to kill the pain locked in my past
scars abuse and insults
rubbed salt in the wound of a nerdy goon

now i spread seeds of hope
spread seeds of change for the future mang
spread em to doan then off to the proto dome
a healthy man indeed
when i was a kid myself intrigued
by the lifestyle freestyled well in greed
a seed was all id need
to get up on that spaceship go warp speed

planted rooted im spacesuited
suited for anything born recruited
and i tell you listen close
to the words i speak and rap the most
i stay timeless and struggle with time less
time does time and i do mine
with this machine i never age
a date with eternity years in days

years i played on earth i stayed
bound by the sounds of the ones i hate
ones engraved in my minds eye
told me im different and geeky right
now i done flipped it and i spaceshipped it
i jet biked it and found that i liked it
take my seeds and plant them, fight it
show that nerd life off, never hide it

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  1. Swing Life Away says:

    Ok I have absolutely no clue what Swedish looks like but I am pretty sure I found the page your looking for Hope this helps!
    It has a bunch of different languages for the song. But I don't know which one it is.


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