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SEO to SE1 to SE3 … and Blog Ninja Optimization

This is just too funny…



We get hundreds of fraudulent applications daily at This one was ballsy enough to call in two days in a row. I only wish we had the camera rolling on day1 where he told me he does SE ZERO instead of SEO. I was trying to get him to repeat that in this conversation but he would not say it again. Regardless this guy show just how desperate these black hatters and fraudsters are to penetrate the affiliate networks. Convert2Steve

I got the latest software that does ALL THAT…

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6 Responses to “SEO to SE1 to SE3 … and Blog Ninja Optimization”

  1. Steve Howe says:

    The guy on the other end oh the phone has no clue in life.

  2. kpaul says:

    Thanks for stopping by.

    What was scary was it reminded me of someone I know. Heh. It was hilarious, though.

    Keep up the good work over at C2M

  3. Lucas says:

    We like this video so much we made it a T-Shirt!

  4. you've been approved for denial? says:

    “you’ve been approved for denial?” Wow you guys are some comic geniuses.

  5. Twitter says:

    On the blog: Maundy Thursday at Odsal

  6. listgeneration says:

    Search Engine Optimization Solution: SEO with results


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