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No Money in Content Creation

Conversation Agent: There’s no Money in Content Creation Valuable content builds context Back in the days when I was doing a lot of interpreting and written translation work, I was getting paid pennies per word and dollars per page. The fact that meaning had to come across as well was never a consideration.

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Creating Sticky Content

In the beginning, it was easy to get eyeballs on the Internet. (Anyone remember Justin at Almost anything you threw up would get a good portion of the Internet traffic. Then the number of websites started to ramp up as the number of surfers started to increase. Then there was the bubble. Then web [...]

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Webmaster Chronic

<p><a href=\"\">milesglass</a> has added a photo to the pool:</p><p><a href=\"\" title=\"JohnnySmiles\"><img src=\"\" width=\"240\" height=\"160\" alt=\"JohnnySmiles\" /></a></p><p>@ 2013 Buenos Aires</p>