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Google: Questions to Ask About Your Website Post-Panda

“Some publishers have fixated on our prior Panda algorithm change, but Panda was just one of roughly 500 search improvements we expect to roll out to search this year,” writes Google Fellow Amit Singhal on the Google Webmaster Central blog. “In fact, since we launched Panda, we’ve rolled out over a dozen additional tweaks to [...]

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Latest Results (AJAX Listings) in Google SERPs – New?

This looks to be new. I didn’t Google around to find if anyone’s mentioned it yet, though, so it may be out there already. Wow. Moveable SERPs… I imagine it’s new because it’s very similar to their cloaked homepage design they recently unveiled. It is some AJAXy goodness, that’s for sure. That said, I’m not [...]

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