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White Hat? Black Hat? How ‘Bout Chaotic Neutral

Lawful Evil

Lawful Evil

Are you tired of there just being three SEO hats and having to choose white, black or grey? (Although there was a big brua-haha earlier this year about Blue Hats or Green Hats or something…)

Well, here at Webmaster Chronic, since I’m boss (as in leader not the 80s boss) I’m going to do away with Black Hat and White Hat and Grey Hat and even Green Hat and Blue Hat SEO.  To maybe make it a little fun, I’m doing to start mark all my posts here with D&D alignments.

That’s right. Billy Gates might be Lawful Evil? This would at least give us a slightly broader way to look at where people are coming from ethically when building their empire online.

Who knows – I may quickly trash the idea. We’ll see.

In the meantime, what alignment are you when it comes to making monies online?

SEO Alignments

SEO Alignments?

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5 Responses to “White Hat? Black Hat? How ‘Bout Chaotic Neutral”

  1. Nick Wilsdon says:

    Heh – interesting idea. Well I work in Russia so that definitely places me on the ‘chaotic’ side…

  2. kpaul says:

    It just came to me. I’m thinking of doing a big post on some of the scenes players – labeling them with alignments. Maybe like by types of bloggers piece from years and years ago…

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ha!

    Just discovered this thanks to you linking to it from your awesome SEOBook article!

    Where’s Paladin on this thing? Because I’m definitely an SEO Paladin…

    Or at least I am if that includes doing things even if they’re not necessarily legal, but as long as they’re good.

    And my life is pretty chaotic, so I guess an SEO Paladin would be found in the Chaotic Good quadrant…


  4. kpaul says:


  5. kpaul says:

    Here’s an interesting look (well, okay, not really) at D&D character alignments and Meyers Briggs Personality Types…

    INFP for life. Heh.


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