Would you like fries with that Landing Page?

I’m a webmaster, so I occasionally find myself after a long night of (insert crazy list of tasks – God bless the invention of browser tabs) wanting something quick and unhealthy to eat. So, like many others, I head to the local McDonalds sometimes. Not a lot, but anyway. They have the recession deal hashbrowns two for a dollar. Every time I’m there it seems there’s a big confusion as to how many hash browns I actually want.

I tried one order of hashbrowns (assuming that would be two for a dollar) but that needed clarification. I tried two hashbrowns (which was just as confusing for the counter people it seems.) Anyway, I was thinking I should maybe try to say, $1 worth of fried potato pieces please. That might freak them out even more.

I started thinking, though, about how mainstream McDonalds is and how they must throw tons of money at making things simple for the mass of people who go through the golden arches. That led to me thinking of drive-thru menus. How they’ve evolved. Some are too complicated maybe, but they all strive to make it simple for the buyer.

Then I started thinking about landing pages. Why not set-up a lander that looks like a drive-thru menu? The basic cheapo version would be a PNG imagemap maybe, with a full-blown version being Flash and interactive. Would you like to Super Size your resveratrol?

Chaotic Evil affiliate marketer

Chaotic Evil affiliate marketer

The Chaotic Evil affiliate marketer would rush out and get some high quality digital photos of several drive-thru menus and swap out food with product to see what works. The Chaotic Neutral might just throw it up as a joke for link bait. The lawful good would probably not have a lander. The true neutral would take the idea and own it on their own, secretly milking it for as much money as they could before it got out and the copycat gangs got it.

Now, I may get lambasted for giving out ideas like this. If not because they’re a bad idea then because I’m giving them out. Here’s my take on ideas. You give away 10, keep one. Or maybe it’s give away 9 keep two. I never remember. The point is I like to share. It makes this site valuable and may attract the right kind of audience.

So, if you like the idea, run with it. I don’t have time to play with it. It might work, though. You should be quick. I imagine if it works we won’t hear anything about it until the horde finds out about it and tries to copy it. And I guess that’s part of the overall lesson of this post. This may not be the best idea, but it’s an idea. The next step is to take it and do something with it. That’s up to you. I can’t hold your hand the whole way. I have other projects of my own I’m always tending to.



If you do take the idea and it works, let us know once it’s all dried up. Or just gimme some link love.

Til next time …

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Drive Thru Landing Page

Drive Thru Landing Page

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  1. NEELMONEY says:

    Nice post!Whenever you serve well, everyone will salute you. Don not try to fry your content. we can eat great content without cooking.

  2. kpaul says:

    raw content. nice concept?

  3. @seanhannity - Twitter Search says:

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