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Webmaster Music Radio at

Webmaster Music Radio at
Webmaster Music

Webmaster Music

I really wish Pandora had an affiliate program. (Maybe they have a secret one?) In any case, I’ve set-up a station for Webmaster Music. If you’re not a fan of Pandora, it’s probably because you’re one of the very few people who haven’t heard of it yet. I’m not sure how big their userbase is, but I imagine it’s very large.

It’s a cool project. You start a station by seeding it with a song or artist. Then, it uses the Music Genome Project to predict what you’re gonna like. You can create different stations (share them) etc. It’s interesting to mix two genres – hip hop and alternative for instance. Over time, you can craft a decent station. You can also play multiple stations at once, making it really useful.

They’re charging now if you use it more than 40 hours a month, but it’s well worth the price, imho, if you’re a webmaster who likes to jam out while coding or making that money.

If you have a profile, leave it here. And go listen to Webmaster Music Radio at

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