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Quick and Dirty CSV to RSS/XML for WordPress Import…

After running, you can view the source and save the output to an XML file that you can import into WP. Nothing fancy, but thought it might help one or two ppl… It is set-up to date the posts every 12 hours, although this is easily changed…

function get_csv($filename, $delim=',')
   $row = 0;
   $dump = array();

   $f = fopen ($filename,"r");
   $size = filesize($filename)+1;
   while ($data = fgetcsv($f, $size, $delim)) {
       $dump[$row] = $data;
   fclose ($f);

   return $dump;

$myfile = "123.csv";
$mywritefile = "";

$test = get_csv($myfile);

foreach ($test as $mthis) {
$hourcount = ($xxx * 12);
$mincount = (12 * $xxx);
$futuredate = mktime(date("h")+$hourcount,date("i")+$mincount,date("s")+$mincount,date("m"),date("d"),date("Y"));

$mypubdate = date("D, d M Y h:i:s A",$futuredate);

$mywritefile .= "<item>\n";
$mywritefile .= "<title>".$mthis[0]."</title>\n";
$mywritefile .= "<category>Your Category Tag</category>\n";
$mywritefile .= "<content:encoded>".$mthis[1]."<br />".$mthis[2]."<br />".$mthis[3]."<br />".$mthis[4]."</content:encoded>\n";
$mywritefile .= "<pubDate>".$mypubdate."</pubDate>\n";
$mywritefile .= "</item>\n\n\n";


echo $mywritefile;

My Kind of Woman

My Kind of Woman

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