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ytcracker – Kingdom Trial

YT Cracker - Chrono Nurga

YT Cracker - Chrono Nurga

they spoiled me
born into the game
sworn into the spam game
worn into my hands is
loyalty royalty

do you read me loud and clear transmitting from the castle
my dg vassals
loyalty before royalty
its a treat to be the one who sets the ex-amp-le
if you want my trust
ya gotta get a tattoo dg or bust
lower that tude in the earths warm crust
php knowledge a must

gotta know the rates of the mail exchanges
catalog a list of landing pages
keep rotating domains
and focus on how much list remains
check them valids and remove
antis and franchise players too
talk to shasta and holla at m3rk
hairetsu and nofux got that work

a career with the spaceship pays good
and the benefits kill too
everybody on the spaceship pays Him
Praise Him Spam God since 82
how fast can you type?
i mean how many captchas can you write?
can you compile squid on a shell and dip
and take what i give you dont give me lip

i need you to de dupe these lists
buy two rdps drink lobster bisque
find me some adderall
and crush the time release real small
get on skype
post in the spaceship JAM LIKE MIKE
and call the guy later tonight

find my embroidered hat
bleach it and teach me higher math
take down blogspots copy path
flush the threads and begin blast
move on debit from xcash
check epass its locked but you aint shocked
you know how to scan in a bill
and edit the address with photoshop skill

you can tell which rated accounts
are usable tomorrow in the right amounts
you can analyze a soft bounce
when to resend a message my friend
read all of my bot convos
see what converted then order dominoes
keep an eye on the order tracker
then worship the ytcracker

let me sick burn on an intern
let me tell you that your dad is gay
laugh at my jokes and polish the spokes
on the mustang parked at ryans folks
walk his dogs and hope
you earned your keep or youll be broke
pack in the space device
and drink that bisque i done asked you twice

all the fakers in the spot need not apply
and the haters at the datacenter a guy
all the pinks qualify without these conditions
they just gotta swear they get down with women
this is a kingdom trial by fire
welcome to the starship

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