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ytcracker – Hogg Theme

dirtynerdyvol1.fronttook off on the starship 9-09

in a three month span the big apple became our bitch

aint a building in the city we cant purchase with clicks

dynamics of the shift in power

observe how we come through fire flower

ytcracker Hogg Theme

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2 Responses to “ytcracker – Hogg Theme”

  1. kpaul says:

    Another one – Wind Song by YT Cracker… I confuse myself sometimes. (Note to K5 readers…) Or would that be K5 reader? lolcopter…

  2. Tmess2 says:

    Very little – AV is still only a "miserable little compromise" as it's still not proportional representation.

    I think if anything forces Clegg out it'll be the other elections. They're expected to lose over a third of the council seats they're defending in England, a particularly bad showing in Scotland (a couple of polls even put them in 5th place behind the Greens) and possibly (though not particularly likely) wipeout in Wales.

    I doubt it'll destroy the Lib Dems, although the party could change beyond recognition, including a possible Bavarian-style split (the party in Scotland splitting from England & Wales), and there may well be a leadership challenge. I doubt it'll end the coalition (it would be career suicide), but it could mean it's more likely the next election would be around 2013 rather than 2015.


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