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MySpace Vs Facebook Advertising

I’m a newb on the PPC/media buy side (having been concentrating on the publishing side), but I get my hands dirty testing. Here’s some things I’ve noticed regarding Myspace Advertising and Facebook advertising. If you think I’m FOS, please say so. I want Webmaster Chronic to be a place where it’s all about learning and not wasting your time.

Myspace Vs. Facebook Advertising

Myspace Vs. Facebook Advertising

MySpace Advertising

  • Quick Approval – Compared to Facebook, Myspace has been approving campaigns a lot quicker.
  • Stats update once an hour – western time…
  • Love the zipcode targeting, but wish there were more keywords / groups to choose from.
  • Other Stuff – Not ready to share other stuff I’m learning yet. Heh.
  • User Interface and design of advertiser section is okay. There are some things I wish it had, but it has some things Facebook doesn’t.

Facebook Advertising

  • Very, very easy to burn through cash if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t watch it.
  • No zipcode targeting…
  • Design – even at 1024 wide (i know, i know, i should have a mac daddy monitor by now…) i have to side scroll. The user interface has some things I like, but some things I don’t. Google beats them all at this still.

I’m running some local stuff (on a relatively small scale) to test some stuff, so the zipcode targeting was more important for me that it might be for you. It’s very handy, though. I’ll tell you that for now.

Either way, they’re both better than Stumble(crack)Advertising. Ahem.

What do you think?

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